What: Ham Radio Field Day contest + BBQ
Where: W6YX Shack, Site 530 
When: Saturday, June 24th, starting 11am & lasting 24hrs

What is Field Day?

Field Day is an annual radio exercise encouraging emergency communications preparedness, radio contesting and the promotion of Amateur Radio. We have the capability to communicate with people across the globe even when natural or man made disasters disable cellular, telephone, and internet communication networks. All are welcome to participate!

Field Day takes place at 11AM on June 24th and lasts for 24 hours at our club station.

What if I don't have a Ham Radio license?

Our Get On The Air (GOTA) station is for participants who have never operated a radio before, or have been generally inactive. Sign up for a coached lesson under the GOTA Schedule tab.

How can I help?

Our work party to prepare for Field Day is this Sunday, June 18th at 1pm. Please join us and/or volunteer for a task on our planning spreadsheet.

More Info:

Contact us at , or call us at 650-856-2737.