Who: Invited Speaker, Bruce Perens


Building Your Own Remote Ham Radio Site,
Where You Can Have Antennas As Big As You Want!

Where:   Zoom (link)
When: Tues, Oct. 13th, 7:30pm



Building Your Own Remote Ham Radio Site, Where You Can Have Antennas As Big As You Want!

Wouldn't it be fun to have the space for a half-wave vertical at 160 meters, or some really large wire antennas, and legal limit power, and not worry about how the neighbors feel about it? Bruce Perens made the jump, and bought 10 acres of cheap land in far-Northern California, sight-unseen on eBay! He has since been building an off-grid station on the land. Having a personal remote station is within the reach of many hams, and a remote station is a great club project!
He will discuss:
  • Pitfalls of buying land on eBay, why it sometimes really can be a bargain and why it often isn't.
  • Is farmland really RF-quiet?
  • Is there dark sky for astronomy?
  • How will you remote-control your off-grid station?
  • How will you power your remote station?
  • Getting there.
  • What will you use for the shelter for your equipment?
  • Dealing with legal requirements: you can't do everything you want on your own land, you might not be able to do anything.
  • Meeting the neighbors: some are really nice! Oops, there are pot farmers on three sides! Oops, everyone has guns
  • Construction projects.
  • Temperature in your shelter.
  • Owning an unsupervised site, security issues.
  • Camping there.
  • Burying antenna wires and other pipes and wires.
  • The potential of fire on your site.


This month's meeting is an excellent opportunity to hear from a Ham who is very active in communications and has made significant contributions in many areas. Mr Perens is one of the founders of the Open Source movement, and has been involved in Linux development, and communication standards.