Who: Michael Walker


Advanced capabilities of modern HF radios and role of SDR technology in making this possible.

Where:   Zoom (link)
Password: 654037
Tues, November 9th,
7:30pm PT


Mike VA3MW courtesy of YouTube


Happy November, hope everyone's midterms are going well!

For this month's meeting of the Stanford Amateur Radio club, Mike from Flexradio will be giving an exciting talk about the advanced capabilities of modern HF radios and the role of SDR technology in making this possible.


"Modern HF and the Role of SDR"

About the talk:

Mike VA3MW will spend about an hour showing how today's HF radio is not only better than yesterday's super-het radio, but you get more performance for your dollar.  He will show how your radio now 'scales' towards the future and not growing old the day you bought it. 

About the speaker:

Michael Walker - VA3MW - was licensed in 1974 and has always loved technology.  His first ‘real’ job with IBM working on an actual Tube computer that had 64,000 tubes in NORAD that was 600ft underground at the height of the cold war. Mike started HF contesting in the early ’90s and loved it.  However, that didn’t stop him from also learning more about RF especially FM and repeaters. He has always loved ham radio and all the parts of Ham radio.  HF, FM, Satellite, and lately how to build a better remote HF station.  Over the past 15 years, he has worked continuously to improve his HF remote station. Mike saw the writing on the wall, aka, the next great thing, when the world moved to Software Defined Radio and how that would shape the future. Over the past 4+ years, he has been working full time for FlexRadio Systems in a variety of roles including inside sales, customer education, and marketing, and loving it and all the amazing people at the company.

The meeting will be held online via Zoom on Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 at 7:30PM Pacific Time:
Password: 654037