May the 4th be with you! For this month's meeting, Hiroki Kato AH6CY will give a talk about potato-powered radios.
What: Potato-Powered QRPp radio
When: Tue May 10, 7:30PM
See below for details.
Overview:  The talk recounts an experiment in using fruit and vegetable to power practical transceivers. It discusses how much electric energy various fruits and vegetables can generate and how to build QRPp radios.
About the speaker: Born in Hiroshima, Hiroki Kato was first licensed as JA4AAO when he was in high school there. He came to the US in 1966 to pursue graduate studies. Dr. Kato taught political science and linguistics at the Univ of Hawaii, Northwestern and Harvard. He came to Silicon Valley in the 1990s to work for early startups. He enjoys QRP portable ops, casual HF DX and digital modes. He collects and restores boat anchor radios, including WWII-era radios. His book The Paraset Radio: the Story of a WWII Spy-Radio and How to Build a Replica was recently published by the RSGB. His two sons attended Stanford and one of his grandsons is currently a freshman at Stanford.