Build Your Own Portable Antenna for the QDX Radio

Room 134,
Packard Building
Saturdays, 1pm-3pm
during Maker Jam
starting April 13th, 2024


Join the Stanford Amateur Radio Club for a weekly activity starting April 13th, 2024, from 1pm-3pm during Maker Jam in Lab64, Packard Building, Room 134.

Learn about End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) antennas and learn how to simulate and build a portable EFHW antenna for your QDX radio kit. Make your QDX radio into a fully portable Ham Radio station that you can take with you anywhere. I've used my portable EFHW antenna to make contacts several thousand miles away with my QDX radio while on hiking trips (see pictures below).

If you've already built a QDX kit, this antenna makes a great addition. If you haven't built a QDX kit, you are still welcome to join us and learn more about antennas.

The activity will last three Saturdays in April, and may continue into May if people need more time to finish building their antennas.

I hope to see you all there!

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me at: