[W6YX QSL Card]

Contact Information

Stanford Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 19212
Stanford, CA 94309-9212

Please note that our current QSL cards are slightly oversized, and do not fit properly in smaller envelopes. This should be taken into account when sending SASE's.

The dimensions of the cards are 4" x 5-7/8" (102mm x 150mm).

The cards fit properly in the following US and ISO standard sized envelopes:

US A6 (4-3/4" x 6-1/2"),
US No.10 (4-1/8" x 9-1/2"),
ISO C6 (114mm x 162mm),
ISO DL (110mm x 220mm).

W6YX sends QSL's via the following methods:

Direct - SASE
Bureau - international
LOTW - all

We do not currently use eQSL.
We do not accept QSL cards via email.

General Contact Information

Please note that the addresses below are unable to answer questions regarding specific QSO's or QSL's.

Logs are generated in both computer and handwritten formats, and are eventually delivered to our QSL manager for processing.
Log information is not available unless one of us happens to be holding the specific log in question, which is generally only true for OSCAR contacts. See below for the correct address to use.

Shack Telephone: 1-650-856-2737
Email: w6yx-info@w6yx.stanford.edu

Please note that W6YX is not a broadcast radio station.
Please do not send press releases, music, add requests, or non amateur radio related event announcements.

We do not publish a newsletter, and we generally do not redistribute announcements unless they are of specifc interest to our club members.

We do not accept attachments.

Please do not send recruiting announcements unless you are local to Stanford, and your request is radio related.

All advertisements for student marketing partners will be reported as spam.
All requests for link exchanges from non amateur radio related groups will be reported as spam.

We generally do not link to commercial vendors, except for local vendors of specific interest to our group.

If you wish to contact Sawson regarding an OSCAR contact, please use sawson@w6yx instead of w6yx-info.

Web: http://www-w6yx.stanford.edu

Webmaster: webmaster@w6yx.stanford.edu

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