W6YX has implemented a APRS internet gateway at the shack that listens for APRS packets on 144.390 MHz and forwards them to the internet. For more information, see the APRS Information Page.

FM Voice Repeaters

Club members can be found on the following repeater frequencies:
Callsign Location Elevation
145.230 -0.600 100.0 N6NFI Stanford foothills 500 SRI Amateur Radio Society & SPARK
440.200 +5.000 123.0 N6BDE Stanford campus 100 N6BDE
1292.550 -20.000 88.5 WA6ITV Stanford campus 100 WA6ITV
Weekly nets are held on the 440.200 repeater on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. Other relevant resources include a list of open repeaters in the Santa Clara Valley, as well as the NARCC repeater coordination web site.

Packet Radio Digipeaters

See the club packet digipeater information. Also of interest are the Bay Area TCP/IP page (dead link) and the Northern California Packet Association which handles packet frequency coordination.

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