Our shack at Site 530: How to get there.

Because our shack is located in the Stanford foothills, you can hike in on foot or get a card key for the gate and drive up.
(Please note: Biking is not permitted in the foothills.)

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On Foot:If you enter the foothills at the Frenchman's Road gate across from the intersection of Junipero Serra and Stanford Ave., follow the path up the hill, and we'll be on the left as you get toward the top of the ridge. The easiest landmarks to show when you're close are our two free-standing antenna towers, which are just a little ways off the road. A picture of the towers is available here. Alternatively, if you enter standing in front of The Dish facing the gate at the main entrance, we're about a mile down the road to your left. Our driveway is right there and and it's just a short walk down to our building.

From Campus Drive:Follow either East or West Campus Drives till you reach Junipero Serra. Take a left (going East/South towards Page Mill) and continue till you reach Stanford Ave. Park car along road on Stanford Ave. Follow directions below.
From Stanford Ave:Go all the way on Stanford Ave till Junipero Serra. Park car along road and cross road. Hike up the hill along the path till you reach a wider road. Go left along the road till it reaches the top and bends; you will be able to see the antenna towers; the Club shack is a little to the left.

Driving up: The gate turnoff is to the West from Junipero Serra and is marked with white posts, a mail box labeled "740" and "Private Drive." Mapquest will show it as the following address: 680 Junipero Serra Blvd., Stanford, CA 94305-8444. If you don't have a card key, call the shack telephone at 650-856-2737 to have someone come down to escort you in.

Note: There are many walking and jogging people along the road during 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, so when convenient, try to arrive before or after those hours. At all times, pedestrians have the right-of-way -- keep your speed under 10 MPH at all times, use your emergency flashers when driving on the access roads inside the gate, and be very cautious when passing pedestrians.

Got GPS? We're at grid-square CM87wj, 37.40340N, 122.16575W. (WGS-84)

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