W6YX - June 11, 2005 Work Party

Station Engineer John Fore, W6LD/P40L, reports a very successful work part on Saturday June 11, 2005 at Site 530.

Big thanks to the following participants at today's work party:

Everybody worked very hard to accomplish a lot. Working with concrete is strenuous and dirty work. But we got it all done very nicely.

Also, many thanks to Randy Ahlqvist, who has put a huge amount of work into preparing the VHF/UHF tower to get the project to this point (where we were ready to pour the concrete).

Finally, many thanks to Harry Makler, KX6C, for all the advance work to arrange for the concrete from Lyngso's.

Next weekend (Saturday, June 18, 2005), we will attempt to finish installation of the VHF/UHF tower and antennas.

Please try to set some time aside to help.

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