W6YX VHF/UHF/Microwave Activities

Information on the club's FM voice repeaters is available here
Information on the VHF weak signal mailing list is available here

Our GPS Coordinates (WGS-84) are:

37.40340 N
122.16575 W

Grid Square:


Alternate format:

37° 24' 12" N
122° 9' 56" W


37° 24.204' N
122° 9.946' W


10S 573834 4139950

VHF/UHF Tower Up and Running

Construction has finished on the initial implementation of the new UHF/VHF tower (approximately 30 feet tall) located at the northeast corner of the station. The tower currently carries horizontally polarized beam antennas for 6 meters (50 MHz), 2 meters (144 MHz), 70 cm (432 MHz), and 23 cm (1296 MHz) topped off by a multi-band discone. A crossarm provides space for 4 vertical antennas below the beam antennas, which is currently populated with a 144/440/1296 Mhz tri-band vertical, and a 220 Mhz J-pole.

The VHF/UHF station currently consists of the following equipment:

SSB/CWBandRadioPowerAntennaAnt HeightNotes
6 mIC-756ProIII(CW/SSB) or FT-847(digital)100wM2 6M7 (7 el - 10.5 dBd)30' AGL
2 mIC-910H 100w M2 2M5WL (17 el - 14.7 dBd) 21' AGL
70 cmIC-910H 70w M2 432-9WL (28 el - 17.3 dBd) 24' AGL
23 cmIC-910H 10w M2 23CM22EZ (23 el - 16 dBd) 26' AGL
SSB/CW antennas are horizontally polarized on a common rotor.
2m/70cmIC-706MkIIGDiamond U-5000 144/440/1296 vertical.15' AGL
1.25 mIcom IC-38A 25w American Legion J-pole 15' AGL
33 cmMotorola Spectra D37 35w Cushcraft PC8910 yagi (10 el - 11dBd) 28' AGLRadio and antenna are owned by AF6RR, on loan for contests. Antenna on rotor with SSB/CW antennas.
FM antennas are side mounted on the VHF/UHF tower except for the 33cm yagi. FM antennas are all vertically polarized.
2mIC-821HM2 crossed yagi10' AGL
70cmIC-821HM2 crossed yagi (436CP30?)10' AGL
23cmIC-910H10wDirective Systems 1296 loop yagi10' AGL
OSCAR Array is on a Yaesu Az-El rotor.

1.2 GHz Repeater Linked to Northern California Network

Bob, W6CYX, and Pete, K6TJ, have completed renovations on the W6YX 1.2 GHz repeater on Black Mountain. The repeater, which operates at 1282.5 MHz, has been integrated into a Northern California and Western Nevada network.
Information about the system is available at http://www.w6rlw.com and a coverage map can be seen at http://members.ispwest.com/rwarmke/cyx.html. Integration of the repeater into this network enhances the emergency service capabilities of the system. At one of our meetings next fall, Bob will present a program on the 1.2 GHz system

Tay Howard Room Established

H. Taylor ("Tay") Howard, W6HD (SK) was an Emeritus Professor (Research) in the Electrical Engineering Department of the School of Engineering.
Stanford recently adopted a memorial resolution reviewing his career in radio communications and space sciences.
His estate has contributed much UHF/VHF equipment to the club, which has established the Tay Howard room in his memory.

W6QI Microwave Project Page

Frank Bauregger, W6QI (SK), maintained an updated page on various microwave communications projects of interest to W6YX members, leading off with news of a new world's record for 47 GHz communications set by him and Gary, AD6FP, in September, 2004.
Click here for the W6QI microwave page.

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