Join us for weekly kit-building workshops, Saturdays, 1pm-3pm, starting in Spring Quarter.
Save money by joining the bulk-orders for items below. (RSVP by March 27th)
E-mail me if you want to join the bulk orders.
Kanga Products EFHW antenna kit
approx. $34 ea.
Good for portable operation
ARRL EFHW antenna kit
approx. $85 ea.
Good for fixed installation at home
Minimalist End Fed Half Wave antenna
approx. $10
Build a minimalist EFHW from parts. May include 3D printing strain relief. We'll design this ourselves, so final price may vary. Details TBD.
Completed QDX Kit
 QDX radio kit
approx. $84 ea.
Some extra kits are left over from activity last quarter.
Coax Jumper Cable
approx. $10 ea.
For connecting antenna to radio
USB-B to USB-C adapter cable
$17 ea.
For connecting the QDX radio to a computer.
12V Rechargable Battery
approx. $28 ea.
Good for powering the QDX radio for portable operation.


Typical Combinations
Basic option Portable option High-Performance home station
  1. QDX radio
  2. USB cable*

(materials for dipole antenna included)

  1. QDX radio
  2. USB cable*
  3. Kanga Products EFHW or Minimalist EFHW
  4. coax
  5. 12V battery
  1. QDX radio
  2. USB cable*
  4. coax
*You can use the USB-B to USB-C adapter cable shown above, or you can use an old USB-B to USB-A cable from a printer if you have a spare.


Quick summary:

  • The Stanford Amateur Radio Club will hold weekly workshops (Saturdays, 1pm-3pm) to build antenna and radio kits, starting in Spring Quarter.
  • Beginners are welcome. We'll have experienced mentors to guide you.
  • You'll learn about radio waves, the ionosphere, antenna tuning, impedance matching, and antenna efficiency.
  • We'll place a bulk order for the kits in the last week of March. For some items, we get a bulk discount.
  • Contact me by March 27th if you are interested in joining the bulk orders. Let me know what items you are interested in.
  • If you built a QDX radio kit last quarter, this is a good opportunity to build an antenna for it. If you didn't build a QDX kit last quarter, we still have some kits available.
  • You'll keep your kit(s) at the end of the workshop.


The Stanford Amateur Radio Club will be holding a weekly kit-building workshop on Saturdays, 1pm-3pm, starting in the Spring Quarter. Last quarter, we built the QDX radio kit. The antenna kits and accessories above make nice additions to the QDX. The End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) antenna is the most popular antenna for portable operation, and can also be used for easy multi-band operation from a fixed location.