W6YX History Files

W6YX QSL card c. late 1930's.
Transmitter: 250THs modulated by 250THs;
1 kilowatt on all bands.
Receivers: RME 69, National HRO.
Antennas: Two reversable rhombics,
one Sterba array, two 160 meter
Cameron G. Pierce, W6HJT, Trustee.
Oswald G. Villard, Jr., W1DMV, Pres.

The Stanford Amateur Radio Club has a long and storied past. Students have put amateur radio stations on the air from various campus locations since the dawn of the twentieth century. This page contains a few select documents from the club's records which provide snapshots of activities throughout the decades. Alumni wishing to contribute to the club's history archive are encouraged to contact w6yx-info@w6yx.stanford.edu.

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